Application Procedure

When and what to do?

All year

Send us an email so that you can be included in our mailing list. We will keep you up to date on a regular basis.

November till January  

For summer internship offers, applications have to be uploaded to the Exchange Platform (EP). There, you indicate your study plan, internship wishes, etc. This provides us with an estimate of the required internship positions. To verify your account, we need a CV, Transcript of Records, Confirmation of Enrolment and a language certificate. You can find more information here.
Only if all documents were uploaded, we will verify your account. Otherwise, you will not have the chance to go abroad with us!

The deadline for the preapplication is January 10th!


All IAESTE internships will be exchanged worldwide at the General Conference.


The outgoing list with the internship offers will be communicated to all the applicants. If you find suitable offers, you can add them to your personal wish list.

Around mid February, local committees take part in the national exchange conference. In this annual conference, all offers received by Germany are distributed to the different local committees. We try to get the positions that you want during this exchange conference. After the conference, we will notify the applicants whose offers were secured.

If you are nominated you have to accept the internship offer within 72 hours and pick it up (deposit) otherwise it will go to another candidate (s)!

If you receive an offer and you are not in Rostock, you can send a representative with a signed authorization letter and the following documents.

When taking the internship position, please remember to come with a deposit of 100 EUR and a valid student identification card. In case of non-acceptance or absence, the position will be immediately awarded to other interested parties. We are sorry for the limited time for offer acceptance, but the allocation of the available positions must take place within a few days as this is the only way to forward the vacant internship offers as quickly as possible.


If you have accepted an offer, you must submit the complete application documents by mid-March. These documents are:

  • filled-in form "Student Nominated" (to be downloaded here)
  • "Form O" - the official offer that you will receive from us
  • cover letter
  • CV
  • Transcript of Records (in English, issued by your faculty's secretary)
  • List of previous practical training
  • Language Certificate
  • Copy of your passport
  • Confirmation of Enrollment (to be downloaded from

If you have any problems with the exchange platform, please check the student guide and user guide. We will also offer a workshop together with Sprachenzentrum in the beginning of March.

You can apply for a travel allowance from the DAAD. Information on the travel allowance can be obtained from the IAESTE National Committee in Bonn. You will also receive the necessary documents from us in the office.

Those who did not get an internship position or missed the registration deadline in November will have the chance to get an offer through the post-exchange session. Here all vacant positions are again distributed among the LCs. So, take this opportunity too!

Until April / May there are still some available positions (pool list). For these types of offers, separate application deadlines apply.

Important: As long as you have not received the acceptance letter, you are not allowed to contact the company or employer. This is to protect companies from early contact with IAESTE interns.

As you wait for the acceptance letter from your host country, you can take care of the following things:

  • valid passport
  • Visa (if required)
  • Vaccinations (if required)
  • Application for a travel allowance (see above)
  • Application for an international health insurance (also possible via the DAAD, you can find forms here)

If you fail to receive the acceptance letter 6 weeks before the planned departure please inform us so that we can immediately report this to Bonn.

Once you receive the acceptance letter from the host country, you can contact the employer and IAESTE abroad to clarify further questions, such as pick-up options, etc.

From July to October most internships take place. Enjoy your time abroad!

Work, Experience and Discover!