To go abroad with IAESTE is and shall remain free of charge!
Since you are usually the only applicant on an internship, we have to ask a deposit of €100 from you.
This is the only way for us to prevent, that students reserve internships and cancel them spontaneously.

A spontaneous cancellation eventually leads to an unused offer and thus one student less going abroad!

The payment of the deposit is the condition for receiving the O-form, which is necessary to apply.

We will return the deposit if you:

  1. did your internship or got rejected by IAESTE or the employer.
  2. submitted your experience report on time (8 weeks after the internship ended). We appreciate if you allow us to publish your report on our webpage!
  3. could not do your internship due to reasons you are not responsible for (sickness, travel warning, visa issues etc.). You have to inform us about such a case as soon as possible, the latest 4 weeks after you got to know about it.