Many facts speak in favour of the participation in the IAESTE program:

  • You will receive an additional employee, whose qualifications and length of stay will be determined by you. IAESTE places only students that have completed their basic studies; these trainees are therefore advanced in their studies and have fundamental knowledge that often has been strenghened in previous internships in their own country. IAESTE presents a suitable candidate, you have the final say!
  • You will later have helpful contacts abroad, who have experienced Germany. Your trainees may be your future business partners.
  • You will actively contribute to the international understanding among people. Germany's image is characterized by the Second World War and media reports about hostility towards foreigners. A trainee that has experienced Germany can confront this experiences with the media reports in their own countries.
  • You will also make it possible for German students to gain international work experience. For every internship placement offered by you we will in return receive a corresponding offer for German students from our partners abroad.
  • The employment of a foreign trainee does not cause any additional organizational expenses for you. IAESTE takes care of all the necessary formalities, including visa issues, work permit and insurance as well as accommodation and spare time activities.
  • The services of the German IAESTE committee are free of charge.