General notes for Employers

What is IAESTE?

The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, short IAESTE, is an international, non-political and independent organization which arranges internships abroad. It was founded in 1948 at the Imperial College of London to contribute to and promote international understanding and goodwill amongst people. Since then IAESTE has been working successfully with different organizations of the UN, e.g. with the UNESCO, ECOSOC and UNIDO.

The German Federal Republic is a member of the organization since 1950 and is represented by the German National Committee of IAESTE in the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). IAESTE is supported financially by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and The Federal Foreign Office. The IAESTE trainee exchange is approved by the Federal Employment Agency.

Since its foundation, IAESTE has organized over 350,000 internships worldwide in over 85 countries, among them 50.000 in Germany alone. In 2013 about 400 German employers participated in the IAESTE internship exchange. The main focus is on internships in engineering, sciences, agriculture and forestry. With its worldwide exchange program, IAESTE provides students an opportunity to gather international work experience.

The IAESTE internships are meant to provide an opportunity for foreign trainees to expand and to deepen the skills attained during their basic studies in the fields of industry, research or administration, according to the requirements of their future profession.

You, as an employer, have the opportunity to receive a benefit for you company through promoting

  • new ideas
  • the current expert knowledge of the students
  • the intercultural exchange.

How does the trainee exchange work with IAESTE?

If a company or an organization decides to participate in the trainee exchange, IAESTE requires your desired profile of requuirements: expected qualification(s), assignment for the intern, begin and length of the internship and some other details.

The received internship offers are collected in all countries taking part in the IAESTE program and bi-laterally exchanged. In return for every traineeship offer by a German company, IAESTE Germany receives a traineeship offer for a German student, who wishes to do an internship abroad. In this way every participating country receives internship offers from abroad which can be offered to highly motivated and skilled students.

After your internship offer is exchanged with an IAESTE partner country, IAESTE will search for a suitable candidate from this country, taking into account your desired profile of qualifications. IAESTE Germany will forward you the candidate's application as soon as we recieve it. It is up you to decide about the acceptance of the candidate. If accepted, the foreign student receives the employer's acceptance note through the DAAD. The student accepts the internship offer by signing the acceptance confirmation.

You as an employer will be relieved from all further organizational obligations (visa, work permit, insurance, accommodation, care etc.) IAESTE carries out the necessary organizational expenses. All formalities will be taken care of in cooperation between the German National Committee and the Local Committee in question. We compiled a detailed list of profits employer benefit from.

Services of IAESTE

  • Nomination of a suitable candidate according to the desired profile of qualification
  • Support of the applicant with the visa and insurance issues
  • Arrangement of accommodation and assistance to the trainees for their arrival
  • Assistance with authority affairs
  • Preparation of the work and residence permits, tax exemption and other legal requirements
  • Organizing recreational activities to explore and learn about German culture and lifestyle habits

General financial Conditions

The severices offered by IAESTE are completely free of charge and do not involve any obligations. The only cost thereby incurred is the allowance for the intern.

According to an agreement among the IAESTE member countries, the allowance of the intern should cover the trainee's cost of living during the stay in the host country. Currently in Germany a monthly allowance of EUR 750 for living expenses is considered appropriate. If the company receives an economical benefit through the collaboration with the intern (e. g. assignment within production) the allowance should be adjusted to the particular pay scale.

The German Law on Minimum Wage applies to all internships longer than 3 months.

The DAAD provides a health, accident and personal liability insurance for the interns.